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Vape Warehouse - Greenhills, San Juan

A One Stop Vape Shop in Greenhills, San Juan Philippines - Ejuice Delivery -We’re also a friendly bunch too!

Vape Warehouse Greenhills - A One Stop Vape Shop in Greenhills San JuanVape Warehouse Greenhills a one stop Vape Shop in Greenhills, San Juan featuring ejuice products

Vape Warehouse Greenhills San Juan
2F Wilson Promenade,198 Wilson Street, corner P. Guevarra St, San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila
Phone: 0927 467 2747
Vape Shop in San Juan - Greenhills

Mon - Sun 11am - 11pm


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Our customer service commitment means we never let a customer down no matter what the situation AND if you find yourself looking for a place for your Vaping needs, we increase our levels of service by aiming to respond to your message the soonest as possible.

So whether you’re looking for that Premium Ejuice, Mods or simpy need information about Vape and need it quick, Send a message to 0927 467 2747

Our Job is to Help Provide You with Solutions.

 Solutions with things such as refill of ejuice, rebuilding of coils, replacement of wicks. Our doors are open to assist you when you're in need.

The Best Vape Shop in Greenhills San Juan

There are a number of websites available online now to help people find the right Vape Shop nearest to your place. Not only that but Facebook reviews as well as Google reviews also provide a popular choice for people to use in order to find out more about a potential shop they’re thinking of going to.

However, there is a word of caution around some of these websites in that sometimes all reviews aren’t necessarily true. Yes, it’s a great place to start but sometimes it’s always good to have a recommendation from someone you trust, someone you work with or from someone who can guide you with your hobby. 

When it comes to people who actually knows their stuffs would be a great way to gain a recommendation, you can also check out our FAQs for help.

Happy customers will only recommend a vape shop if they know they’re good because quite simply, recommending someone they don’t know or someone who isn’t great, affects their reputation.

Nestled at the heart of Greenhills, San JuanVape Warehouse Greenhills, a Vape shop in Greenhills opened its doors to the Vaping Comunity on 2018.